A note about Contract Pilots

This site began as a dedicated resource to helping pilots--all business aviation pilots --find work,and employers needing temporary help find pilots who meet their requirements.  There are two types of pilots listed here.

Independent Contract Pilots (ICP's) are dedicated "full time" to providing contract pilot services.  Many have their own company and are considered "self employed".  These pilots are not looking for full time work with any one operator, and are not planning on going to the airline jobs.  The professional ICP is responsible for his/her own recurrent training--although most will offer some concessions if a client wishes to contribute towards, or provide recurrent training based on their standards.
ICP's should not be confused with "part timers".

Part time contract pilots (PT's) either have full time employment and contract work is extra work on the side, or they are contracting only until they find a full time position.   Their availability is dependant on their schedules with their employers.

For purposes of separating the professional ICP's making a living doing contract work, and those pilots looking for full time jobs, the Job Seekers and Part Timer's will be listed as a group. Since gaining a full time position is frequently not dependent on the type of aircraft the pilots are currently rated in, the focus for this group is overall experience and credentials.

Note:  IBACP indicates full member of  Independent Business Aviation Contract Professionals Association. 
These members are drug tested, background checked and 12 month current. 

IBACP Association is conducting a survey to collect data about Independent Contractors. 
To participate as a Contract Pilothttp://ibacp.org/ICsurvey.htm
To participate as an Operator who uses Contractors:  http://ibacp.org/survey.htm


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