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List  Aircraft & approx. Amount of experience in each:

Type Aircraft                                                                                  135 Qualified?       Experience in this a/c

        135 yrs

         135 yrs

         135 yrs

         135 yrs

         135 yrs

          135 yrs

           135 yrs

How long have you been working as a flight attendant?    yrs       

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International Experience:

 North Atlantic experience

  Pacific experience

 Asia/ Pacific Rim experience

 Middle East experience

  Latin/South America Experience

  Carribean Experience

Briefly list any other areas of the world you have operated a corporate aircraft in:

FlightSafety Flight Attendant Certificate                    FACTs Training

  Other Business Aviation Flight Attendant Training Certifcates:
Please list your last training and where it was accomplished
 (inflight emergencies, food handling, etc.)     

Last Recurrent Training Date        Program Name/School


Do you hold a current FAA Medical Certificate?  If so what class: Date issued:


Current Courses:  In-Flight Emergencies       AED        CPR/BCLS: Adults        Infants & children   


                                First Aid      Choking/Heimlick      Altitude Physiology        Food Safety


Other Credentials  Licensed Nurse     Chef     Security      Other



Employment Preference:

 I am looking for a full time job.

 I am a full time Self employed contract flight attendant and want to remain contract

Optional Bio Info:  Only fill this in if you want to list your Daily Contract Rates and plan to keep it updated.  If you leave this blank the category will not appear in your Bio.

Contract Daily Rate Domestic

Contract Daily Rate International

Please list any other training or credential that you would like to see listed in your Bio and any Comment you would like to make that will appear on your Bio:

In Addition to this Registration Form, Please submit the Flight Attendant Required Documents :  (via email attachment, eFax, or snail mail)

Copy of your last formal Flight Attendant Training Certificate

Copy of Last CPR/AED/First Aid Certificates

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