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Contract Pilot Jobs / CL604 pilots
« Last post by webmaster on April 29, 2017, 09:43:10 AM »
We are looking for a crew of CL 604pilots to work on a 3 month contract
The crew will ferry aircraft from Peterborough, Canada to Lagos, Nigeria Base.

VVIP Operations.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

1) Salary will be paid as follows: $10,000 monthly while on duty and $5,000 during off time

2) Rotation will be 3 months on 1 month off

3) Crew accommodation and transportation will be provided at base which is Lagos, Nigeria

4) For flights night stopping outside base, bed and breakfast hotel accommodation and transportation will provided.

5) $50 daily per diem during flight flight operations.

6) Return economy ticket to base during one month off time

Best Regards,
Osagie Frank Igbinovia
Cell +2349085300777
Contract Pilot Jobs / Phenom 300 Captain
« Last post by webmaster on August 28, 2016, 09:40:19 AM »
ACASS is looking for a Phenom 300 captain

Position: PIC

License: EASA

Location:  Europe

Contract Duration: 30 days

Start Date:   September 15 2016

Per diems+ Hotel + Plane ticket to go and come back home.


   Last recurrent must be within 12 months (no grace month permitted)
   Medical must be 1st Class
   All pilots must be 90-day landing current

Phone: 514-636-1099
Contract Pilot Jobs / ACASS CL300 Crew
« Last post by webmaster on July 04, 2016, 02:38:16 PM »
Aircraft Type: CL300
Role: SIC or PIC
Start Date: Approx. 06-July-2016
Dispatch Duration: 2 Months / or only one month, could be July or August, whatever is good for you.
Pay Rate: $ 12, 000 USD per 30 days period.

Per Diems: $100 USD
Accommodations: Hotel
Aircraft Base: North America

If you are available only for July or only for August, that would work too.

Sheila Coutino
ACASS Recruiter
Phone    +1-514-636-1099 ext. 2109
Cautions & Scams / Re: Scam alert greece
« Last post by Madam Captain on January 12, 2016, 09:42:15 PM »
Thanks for sharing this Alan! 
Cautions & Scams / Scam alert greece
« Last post by fly4560 on January 12, 2016, 10:45:52 AM »
   Be aware that there is a new scam out there that seems to be targeting contractors.
   I was recently contacted for a contract out of Greece through a VERY LARGE, and reputable aircraft broker who was trying to "help out" a client. This client knows all the industry language, and conned me into going to Greece for a nonexistent trip. The end game in the scam is that they will try and get you to exchange currency for them at the last second before travel commences so they can roll you upon arrival. They will provide you with a wire confirmation that is fake and offer above industry rates for compensation to entice you to take the contract
   While I did not carry or exchange any money for them, upon arrival with no cash on hand, the 'client' will just take off and leave you high and dry in a foreign country with plenty of expenses for getting there and back with no chance of recovering those expenses.
   The aircraft broker had no idea that the client(new client 30 days prior) was scamming them or myself and to this day can't believe they were taken as well.
   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Alan Bartlett
Rumors... / Challenger 350 Pilots
« Last post by webmaster on December 28, 2015, 10:41:37 AM »
Grapevine rumor is that more than a dozen Challenger 350 pilots will be hired soon (home based?) to work 135 for US operator working with VistaJet.  (Uh, not Jet Aviation.....)
Forum Rules / The Info Forum is being rebuilt!
« Last post by webmaster on December 27, 2015, 08:40:22 PM »
After the webhost updated the MySQL databases to a version not supported by the previous forum software, I find myself starting from scratch trying to rebuild it.  Sadly, the previous 8-9 yrs of information is lost.  I am dependent on my colleagues to post/share important and pertinent info about our industry on the new forum.

This forum will slowly be customized and updated.  If there are any suggestions, requests, Category additions needed, etc., please let me know.  I'd like this forum to be a significant resource for all aviation professionals.


Susan Anderson

Forum Rules / Keep it Professional
« Last post by webmaster on December 27, 2015, 08:29:52 PM »
I really hope this post isn't needed, but please keep your posts professional as though you've signed your name for the world to see!

Profanity is not allowed.
Advertisements are not allowed, although you may put your info in your signature--within reason.

The purpose of this forum is to share information that might help your fellow colleagues.


Susan Anderson
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