Professional Contract Pilots

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Susan Anderson                                                   

Susan C. Anderson , ATP, CFII, AGI 
  (FAA & Canadian licenses)
Type Ratings:
BBD-700,   CL-30,  CL-604,  LR-60,  LR-45,   LR-JET
Professional Contract Pilot, Charter, Corporate & Factory experience
142 Instructor
Flight Time:
Total Time :  16,500       Jet:15,000
Current/Qualified in:
Global Express Classic/XRS/5000
Last Recurrents:
Aircraft Type  
 Nov 2014
 Sep 2020 (135)
 Aug 2014
 Jan 2020
RVSM International Training
FSI Jun 2018
International Experience
Extensive International Experience

In-Flight Medical emergencies, Registered Nurse FL & AL

Damon Griebel, ATP, CFI,  A & P   
Type Ratings include:
CL-604, LR-60, LR-45, LR-JET, EA-500S
Factory Demonstration, Corporate and Charter experience
Flight time:
Total Time:12,600          Jet Time:  12,400  
Current/Qualified in:
Learjet 60 & 35
Last Recurrents: 
LR-60/60XR (135)  Dec 2013
LR-JET (35)  Aug 2012
EA-500S:  Sept 2007
Internationa/RVSM Training:
ATI  Jun 2009
 International Experience:
Extensive International experience
  In-flight Medical emergencies, AED & CPR qualified
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William G. Chiarello, ATP, CFII, AGI
Type Ratings include:
BBD-700, CL-30, CL-600,  CL-604, LR-60, LR -JET, CE-500,  IA-JET
Professional Contract Pilot, Corporate and Charter experience
Flight time:
Total Time: 10,156         Jet Time: 6710
Current/Qualified in:
Challengers 300, 604 & 601 and Global Express
Last Recurrents: 
Aircraft Dates
BBD-700 Dec 2014
CL-30 May 2015
CL-604 Mar 2013 
CL-601 Jan 2013
International Training:
FlightSafety International Aug 2013
International Experience
Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa
  In-flight Medical emergencies, AED & CPR qualified
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