Innsbruck, Austria (LOWI)


An unusually clear day for Innsbruck. We still shot the LOC DME EAST into the valley, but you really get a feel for how accurate you'd better be.



"Airport in sight" This shot gives you a good look at where you have to go if you "miss".
The missed approach procedure is to keep the airspeed down to 155 KIAS so that your turning radius stays within the valley.


Lead in lights are on top of the buildings


On a VFR departure from runway 26 you make an immediate right turn. The view is spectacular.


The Challenger 604 being refueled in Innsbruck.


The mountains are spectacular, very close to the airport and very high!


Downtown Innsbruck just before sunset.


More downtown Innsbruck just at sunset.


This tower is in the picture above. Different view.











The classic Austrian restaurant where we had dinner.