Contract Pilot Rates

Information from this form will be posted online in a Contract Rate Sheet listed on the ICP101 web page.  Names and city info will not be used for anything other than regional statistics.  Multiple aircraft may be listed.  Please fill out multiple forms if needed.

Aircraft (full name)  1   2  3

FAA abbreviation     1            2               3  

Years of Experience in each:   A/C1                    A/C 2             A/C 3

Are you PIC Qualified?            A/C 1:  Yes   No         A/C 2: Yes  No       A/C 3:Yes   No

Do you pay for Training?           A/C 1:yes     No           A/C 2: Yes  No        A/C 3: Yes   No

Are you a full time independent contract pilot?  Yes   No          Part-Timer?  Yes    No

daily Domestic Rates:  A/C1          A/C2      A/C3

daily International Rates:A/C1       A/C2       A/C3

Long Term Rates?      A/C1        A/C2       A/C3


The following info will not be given out or published.  It is for validity and to determine rate differences in various regions.

Name:     Position:

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Thank you for participating!