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Pilots Requirements for Listing


Pilots who want to be taken seriously by employers must have attended a "type specific" simulator based training for the aircraft listed within the last 12 months for PIC, 24 months for SIC.    This is being driven by insurance requirements for most companies. The last date of recurrent training will be listed on your Bio, and documentation of training is required.

Verification of the credentials  must be accomplished via email or fax (or snail mail). See Step # 4 above.   Items required:

Copy of airman certificate. Color scan required for the new certificates.  They do no copy in Black & White and Faxes are unreadable.
Copy of Instructor certificate if being listed
Copy of current medical
Copy of latest training record for each aircraft that you wish to be listed for--only one page per aircraft please!    Please do not send documents over 24 months old.

Copy of latest training record for International Procedures Training.

All documents are for verification of the pilot only.  They are NOT made available to Operators or seen by anyone other than the webmaster building your listing online.

Pilot's Registration Form
















Flight Attendant Listing


Must have attended formal training for In-flight medical emergencies, passenger safety & emergency egress procedures, crew coordination, and food service handling.

Verification of training must be accomplished via email or fax (or snail mail).  See Step # 4 above. 

Copy of last CORPORATE Flight Attendant training records, CPR, First Aid

Flight Attendant Registration Form

















Aviation Professionals Listings (Non Flight Crew)

This page is set up to register and list the variety of aviation professionals providing the support services to keep the airplanes, pilots and flight attendants flying. This includes, but is not limited to:

Dispatchers/ Schedule coordinators

Maintenance technicians

Non-flying management

Aircraft sales personnel (salesmen, contracts administrators)

Aviation Consultants

Any profession that requires FAA certification, state or federal licensing, or specific training to perform the job will need verification documents. Verification documents must be provided via email or fax (or snail mail).  See Step # 4 Above

Non Crew Aviation Professional's Registration Form