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The resume is so important on the website, that NO ONE is allowed online without one. We don't demand you have a good one, just something that tells about who you are, and why an employer should consider you. In order to write a good resume, you need to know

3. WHAT your potential employer might need to know about you

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Some general thoughts to consider while writing your resume: Where is this resume going?

1. If your resume is going to be printed out and mailed or handed to an employer:

you want it appealing to the eye
concise, and geared to the employer
Nice stationary, possible cover letter in matching stationary

2. Faxed:
Keep the resume black & white on white paper and easy to read fonts

3. Internet:
Most important: Security! Do not publish your personal numbers that could be used by others
Social Secuity Number
Home Street Address
Passport Numbers
Pilot Certificate Numbers

Remember that converting a resume designed in a document template will probably loose the template formatting when converted to a web page file. Some browsers may not be able to show elaborate templates.

General Noteworthy Guidelines for Content:

1. Determine your "market" (employer) and design the resume to fit their info needs.

2. DO NOT shoot yourself in the foot by providing info that closes the door before your credentials are read. (examples: your age, birth date, marital status, etc. are not required, and can not be asked by law.)

3. Objectives. Your obvious objective is to get work. Unless you have some special objective that is relevant to a particular job, you might want to reconsider using the "objective space" for something else.

4. Keep the resume to 2 pages. Put the most important "stuff" on the first page at the top. For pilots that means Credentials, Flight Time/currency and experience. Don't make the Av Manager LOOK for it.

5. Highlight your strong points, down-play your weaknesses.

6. Promote YOURSELF and what you've done, NOT the employer you've done it for.

By now you should be ready to go back to your word processor and enthusiastically renovate your resume or create totally new one.





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